CATA Exam (chance to earn prize(s)!)

As is tradition at all UMDCTFs, we would like to invite you to participate in a raffle opportunity:

Haystack Solutions in partnership with the University of Maryland developed the Cyber Aptitude Test (CATA) to measure participants’ ability with cyber related problems. In addition, it can be used to gauge strengths and weaknesses and determine areas to specialize in or improve. This will help to increase the amount of cyber security talent, improve recruitment, and improve education around the field. The categories for the exam are as followed:

If you are interested in taking CATA, please fill out the form here. The person with the highest CATA score by the end of UMDCTF will win either a Google Pixel 4 or Intel NUC (choice of one). International participants are eligible for the prize; however, the awardee must handle shipping duties themselves.